September 24th 2019 | Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

JWPM Consulting

At JWPM Consulting we are at the forefront of innovation and technical implementation with long-term experiences in delivering a multi-tiered portfolio of projects for Health and Justice. From programme and project delivery to service delivery and support, our services illustrate expertise in having an established understanding of criminal justice throughout the UK.

For several years now JWPM Consulting has been collaborating with various healthcare providers, police custody staff and clinicians to develop an electronic medical record (EMR) system that is first of its kind, for use by healthcare professionals for both physical and mental health. This innovative application allows care professionals the ability to access both the physical health record of any detainee and if appropriate their mental health record.  This information, where appropriate to do so, can then be shared with police custody staff to ensure a fully informed risk assessment be carried out, contributing to the safety and security of the patient whilst in detention.

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