September 27th 2018 | University of Strathclyde, Technology & Innovation Centre


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Axon is a network of devices, apps, and people that helps law enforcement become smarter and safer. Our mission is to protect life. Our technologies give law enforcement the confidence, focus, and time they need to keep their communities safe. Our connected body cameras and evidence-management cloud allow police officers to work effectively and transparently, and our TASER Smart Weapons protect life without taking it.

We work hard for those who put themselves in harm's way for all of us. More than 180,000 lives and countless pounds have been saved with Axon's network of devices, apps and people. Learn more at

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Egress Software Technologies Ltd

Egress Software Technologies is the leading provider of data security services designed to protect shared information throughout its lifecycle.

Offering Government and Enterprise customers a portfolio of complementary services, the Egress Switch platform enables end-users to share and collaborate securely, while reducing the risk of loss and maintaining compliance. These award-winning integrated services include email and document classification, email and file encryption, secure managed file transfer, secure online collaboration and secure archive.

Certified by Government, Switch offers a seamless user experience, powerful real-time auditing and patented information rights management, all accessible using a single global identity. 


CenturyLink Government

Digital transformation is happening everywhere in government. Government IT leaders are looking for technology innovations & skills that maximise return on past, current & future investment. CenturyLink offers infrastructure, networking, managed private & public cloud, Cyber Security & IT services that help you cost-effectively respond to citizen needs and demands.

Motorola Solutions

The Criminal Justice system faces new challenges - doing more with less, managing technology transition and being able to turn abundant data into increased operational efficiency and better outcomes. Mission critical intelligence gives the frontline personnel the power to access information, stream video and collaborates in real time. By integrating voice communications, immersive data applications and robust security into purpose-built systems, devices and command centres, we can help dispatchers and frontline personnel work safer and smarter to improve real-time decision-making capabilities. To learn more about our solutions, please visit




Edesix designs, develops and manufactures a range of professional Body Worn Camera (BWC) solutions. Our BWCs are regularly utilised by Police, Paramedics, Prison Officers, Civil Enforcement Officers and a variety of Lone Workers, globally. The VideoBadge is a user-friendly, robust and secure BWC, capable of efficiently recording shift-long HD video and audio footage from the viewpoint of the operator.

Together with the custom developed VideoManager software for handling, editing and sharing BWC footage, VideoBadges provide users with an advanced, easy-to-use solution for gathering and readying evidence of recorded incidents. BWCs have been proven to deter aggression, rapidly resolve disputes and protect frontline workers.


Symphonic Software

The Justice eco-system is complex with many different organisations and individual stakeholders. Across this eco-system there are hundreds of specialist applications holding data that needs to be shared across the partner organisations.

Symphonic Software is designed to allow the secure sharing of sensitive information, in any digital format including video,  without the need to send large files between networks.  This allows the owning organisation to continue to maintain existing data governance policies and keep a full audit trail of who accessed what, when and by whose authority, guaranteeing that data owners retain control.

The Symphonic Suite consists of :

  • The Trust Framework: allows the definition of the organisations, systems, resources and identity providers and individual users that will make up the eco-systems
  • The Policy  Manager: allows the creation of complex, context sensitive data access rules by the Data Owner: defining WHO can access WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and HOW. This fine grained control, down to an individual cell level, can further be enriched by applying data masks based upon a user’s attributes.
  • The Decision Engine: This patented technology enforces the policies in real-time dependent upon the defined policies and the Trust Framework.
  • Information Governance : IG and audit tools offer complete transparency and aid regulatory and audit requirements including FOI and GDPR. Furthermore, analysis tools allow simulation of the effect of a policy across the ecosystem.


As the UK’s leading audio visual integrator and service provider, AVMI provides secure, reliable and cost-effective, audio visual, video conferencing and digital media technology solutions.

We have extensive experience working with government departments to help design, build and support audio visual technology solutions that enable better communication and collaboration.