September 27th 2018 | University of Strathclyde, Technology & Innovation Centre

Symphonic Software

The Justice eco-system is complex with many different organisations and individual stakeholders. Across this eco-system there are hundreds of specialist applications holding data that needs to be shared across the partner organisations.

Symphonic Software is designed to allow the secure sharing of sensitive information, in any digital format including video,  without the need to send large files between networks.  This allows the owning organisation to continue to maintain existing data governance policies and keep a full audit trail of who accessed what, when and by whose authority, guaranteeing that data owners retain control.

The Symphonic Suite consists of :

  • The Trust Framework: allows the definition of the organisations, systems, resources and identity providers and individual users that will make up the eco-systems
  • The Policy  Manager: allows the creation of complex, context sensitive data access rules by the Data Owner: defining WHO can access WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and HOW. This fine grained control, down to an individual cell level, can further be enriched by applying data masks based upon a user’s attributes.
  • The Decision Engine: This patented technology enforces the policies in real-time dependent upon the defined policies and the Trust Framework.
  • Information Governance : IG and audit tools offer complete transparency and aid regulatory and audit requirements including FOI and GDPR. Furthermore, analysis tools allow simulation of the effect of a policy across the ecosystem.